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Although anime body pillows are considered as several fantasies5, it has numerous of benefits also. Its reduces the pain which occurs in lower back as by hugging these pillows you can easily exert your weight on it giving relax to your joints. Second benefit is gives you restful sleep, as by effectuating6 with a non-living object even gives a sigh of relief for a person which eventually gives a longer period of sleep, Third benefit is it decreases the habit of snoring, as when you are lying on your back, your tongue and throat loll back into each other, so when by hugging the pillow you can easily eliminate he habit.
Product Details:
Size: 50cm x 150cm or 50 x 160cm
Material: Peach Skin, Natural Velvet, Japanese Textile or 2Way Tricot
Note: Pillow Cover Case. Stuffing or pillow inner is not included.


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