Anime Cup

One of the longest Anime franchises that Japan has ever introduced was the Gundam franchise where it was originally first introduced and showed in 1979 and since then the Gundam franchise has grown rapidly. Gundams are giant robots or mecha that can be used for warfare in Space and in Earth, it has captured the imagination of millions of viewers all around the world due to the franchise’s excellent storytelling and the unbelievable Animation of the Gundam. Due to the success of the franchise, it had created a wide range of merchandise from the famous model kits where the person can build and fully customize the , personal merchandise such as towels, linens, bedsheets, t-shirts, and even the Cup or Mug wherein the cup or mug is the head of the Gundam. It could be the head of the Freedom Gundam, Justice Gundam, or the Wing Gundam, and its fully detailed, die-hard Gundam fans can buy this merchandise at the Akihabara district located in Tokyo Japan.

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